Happy New Year

Eighteen days into 2016, and after a short flurry of new blog posts, I thought I’d check in and say Happy New Year! I hope all my readers had a great 2015 and also some epic plans for 2016. You will be hearing plenty from me about interesting project related issues and fixes I come across. Hopefully the IT community can continue to help each other keep the lights on in an industry which is becoming increasingly vital to the day to day running of businesses worldwide.

Most people thought that 2015 was the year of the cloud, and indeed a lot of uptake was seen in this area. However I’m convinced that 2016 is the year that the platform really matures and starts to make good on it’s promises. It’s true to say that lots of people spent a lot of time in 2015 working even harder than usual; trying to balance the day to day running of their existing On Premise infrastructure with various cloud migration projects, and this will surely continue in 2016. As we move through the year though, businesses who have already made this time investment should be able to allow their IT departments to stop worrying about keeping the lights on, and start planning new ways to make IT awesome for their end users.

For me, that’s what cloud is really about. It takes the hypervisor patching, hardware maintenance and repetitive tasks out of our schedules, and allows us to focus on making IT awesome. If enterprise IT is to evolve in the way it needs to in order to keep up with consumer tech and users expectations, we need to invest our time into discovering and deploying new and interesting technologies which will help our businesses succeed. Cloud computing can help give us both the time, and the technology to evolve the services we offer our users and customers. Machine learning and data analytics are making huge advances at the moment, and the Internet of Things is finally taking off and giving us ways to harvest data which can be used for a real purpose.

I’m very excited about what 2016 has to offer, and you should be too. See you on the other side =]