Office Online overhaul!

Office Online Recent Files list

I am excited to see that Office Online (formerly known as Office Web Apps) is having a major overhaul at the moment, with new functionality coming out of it’s ears! This is good news for all Office 365 users, making what was a strong but basic editing suite into something which is much more akin to the traditional desktop Office suite experience.

The main new features which the Office team are enjoying bragging rights over are:

  • Enhanced Reading View experience – Edit, Print, Share and Comment functions are now right at your fingertips.
  • Saving and Managing your files – My favourites here are the Save As button, and the Download as PDF options.
  • Add to OneDrive – This is like Save As, but puts an editable copy of a read only file in your OneDrive. Awesome!
  • Recently Used Files list and template availability – Just like in desktop Office 🙂
  • Integrated Help – Shame Clippy hasn’t returned though! I did love having Clippys company.

You can find out more by hitting the Office Blog post on Office Online below:

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